Best Collection of Power Tools


Great news! We have added best power tools collection to our store. Our collection include:
  • Electric Drill
  • Cordless Drill
  • Hammer Drill
  • Cordless Screw Drivers
  •  Grinders (Electric and battery powered)
  • Mini Chain Saw
  • Glue Guns
  • Mini Bench Drill
 Here is the brief description of each tool:
Electric Drill
A drilling machine is the most essential tool for any tool collector. Driven both manually and electrically, a drilling machine is used for a variety of tasks such as piercing a hole in a wall, fixing screws in solid space, etc.
Drill machines can be found in a number of verities; the most popular are Hammer Drill Bench Drill, Cordless Drill, Impact Driver etc.
Cordless Drill
cordless drill is an electric drill which uses rechargeable batteries. These drills are available with similar features to an AC mains-powered drill. They are available in the hammer drill configuration and most have a clutch, which aids in driving screws into various substrates while not damaging them.
Hammer Drill
Hammer drills are heavy-duty Drills because they drill quickly and effortlessly into concrete. They also are tough enough for demolition, removing stubborn things like tile from various surfaces during a remodel, and more.
Hammer drills work with a rapid hammering motion. While both hammer drills and impact drills use concussion motions, the mechanism, and the results, are different. A hammer drill is much too powerful to make a porch railing, for example, but it necessary to fasten the railing post to concrete.
 Cordless Screw Drivers
Cordless screwdrivers are versatile electric hand tools designed to drive screws. With these power tools, there's no need to worry about electrical cords getting in the way as cordless screwdrivers are powered by rechargeable batteries, usually lithium-ion.
Grinder, is one of power tools or machine tools used for grinding, it is a type of machining using an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool. Each grain of abrasive on the wheel's surface cuts a small chip from the workpiece via shear deformation.
Mini Chain Saw
A Mini chainsaw is a portable battery-powered saw that cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain driven along a guide bar. It is used in activities such as tree felling, bucking, pruning, harvesting of firewood. Chainsaws with specially designed bar-and-chain combinations have been developed as tools for use in chainsaw art and chainsaw mills. Specialized chainsaws are used for cutting concrete during construction developments.
Glue Gun
A glue gun is an electrical device that uses a heating element to heat up and melt specially made solid hot glue sticks. Once melted, the glue is then directed out of the nozzle of the gun on to a given object to either stick and hold it in place or repair it.
 Mini Bench Drill
Bench Drill or Mini Bench Drill  drill is used for drilling light weight pieces of material. Most bench drills will also have a foot switch for turning off the drill. The hand vice is one safe way of holding material whilst drilling.

Advantages of power tools

It is known to have multiple users in both homes and industrial establishments. In comparison to other types of tool powered tools have many added advantages. Some of them are given below.

  • It is most effective for repair and construction tasks. That’s because you can get your work done without causing much disruption a disturbance at the work site
  • It is not restricted in construction works only, it is used in the garden, for housework tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and around the house for purposes of driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating and more.
  • It is impossible to drive screws or nails into concrete with hand tools, but with the right tools, concrete anchors can be driven into anchor walls to concrete floors
  • With the help of these tools, you can get your work done at high speed. This is especially important for all those time-consuming tasks that may take you hours to complete
  • It is  much more powerful than hand tools and have motors, a power source, battery and electricity, on which they run
  • Using itis safer as they have controlled range of noise and vibration, which are specified according to each product
  • Getting a perfect finish is not possible with a handheld tool, but a power tool helps in giving the desired finish
  • With it, you can have a clear estimation of capacity, overall and power input which simplifies the job for workers
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